The Top Do's and Dont's of Makeup for those Wearing Glasses

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I was brainstorming blog post ideas & thought why not bring together 2 of my passions into one post. Makeup will always be my #1 love but as of right now i am working in the optometry field as an optician. I get to help people pick out amazing frames everyday & just love getting to see all the new shapes & styles that are coming out. One thing that i have noticed though, is many people don't know how to apply makeup once they've gotten glasses. When you wear glasses your whole face changes, your eyes & frames are now the focal point of your face & it is important to apply makeup to highlight your eyes & sometimes downplay the magnification of the lenses. I'm going to go over a list of Do's & Dont's of what i think are the best ways to achieve a beautiful eye look while wearing any type of frame.

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  • Do keep your shadow palette neutral with shades of taupe, beige, browns, peaches, even some light pinks.
  • Do match the thickness of your upper liner to the frame, for instance if you are wearing a very thin metal frame you would want a think sleek line on the upper lash that's barely there. On the other hand if you choose a bold chunky frame you would want your liner to be thick & bold as well.
  • Do choose a liner color for the upper lash that is 1-2 shades lighter than the frame you are wearing, this will help your eyes stand out & not get lost behind the glasses.
  • Do line your inner rim (water line) with a light color such as nude, white or pearl.
  • Do put on a nice coat of mascara & curl your lashes to open your eyes up.
  • Do highlight your brown bone & inner corner of the eye to brighten the eyes up & downplay the shadows that can be cast on your face from wearing glasses.
  • Do use a yellow based concealer under the eyes to again downplay the shadows cast by the glasses. Tip: use a light hand when applying the concealer, you do not want it to look too cakey or to accentuate fine lines.
  • Do keep they eyes the center of attention & keep the face simple & natural looking. If you love bright colors save them for the lips or even a pop of color on the cheeks.
  • Do groom your brows & be sure they are filled with powder or a pencil to further frame the face. Tip: if you choose a rimless frame there will be no part of the glasses to frame the face so be sure to pay extra attention to the brows to make up for the lack of frame.
  • Side note: Do get an Anti reflective coating or ARC on your lenses, this helps to cut down on glare for you and helps people see you're eyes through the lenses better with no glare. This also helps if you are taking pictures in glasses to create no flashback on the lenses.


  • Don't use bright or shocking colors on the eyes it can make them look swollen or even tired.
  • Don't line the inner rim with a dark color, it will make the eyes appear smaller.
  • Don't forget the mascara! This step helps to open the eyes & add more life into your eyes.
  • Don't forget to double-check all of your work before you put on your glasses. If you are far-sighted your lenses will magnify your eyes & will bring to attention flaws or mistakes with your eye look that you could have overlooked.

Lastly don't forget to have fun!! These rules will help guide you to a perfect eye look but just like every aspect of makeup it is about creativity & what you love. Glasses can be a wonderful accessory to any look & for many people they look absolutely fabulous in them, especially with the right makeup to highlight their new frames.

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