Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

With it being so chilly in Austin the last couple of weeks, I have been dreaming of spring. I'm ready for sunshine, patio happy hour, and spring fashion. So in the spirit of spring, I thought I would share an easy how to of one of my favorite hair trends beachy waves. This hair style is effortless chic and it's a must do for spring/summer 2015. I'm a big advocate of not washing your hair everyday, because it's hard on the scalp and on the hair. So the beachy waves hair style is perfect for day 2 hair.

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Step 1. Start with dry hair

Step 2. Section the hair into two sections right above the ear.

Step 3: To create the waves, use a one inch non-tapered wand curling iron.

Step 4: Use R + Co. Flexible Hair Spray as a working spray to create the curls. I love this hairspray because it gives you the hold that you need and yet it's still brush-able without the build up.

Take one inch sections and wrap the hair around the wand going away from the face.

Start wanding from the mid-shaft of the hair, then, wrap the hair 2-3 times around the wand depending on the length of the hair.

Make sure to leave the last half-inch of hair off the wand, you want the end of the hair to be left straight.Remember, Beachy Waves are meant to look messy and tousled, not perfect.

Step 5: Once you have curled the entire bottom section of the hair, move to the top section and and use the same steps curling away from the face and leaving the ends out.

Step 6: Once you have curled all of the hair, use your fingers to brush out the waves.

Step 7: Use a golf ball size amount of R+Co. Aircraft Pomade Mousse, emulsify the product in your hands.

Step 8: Scrunch the Aircraft mousse into your hair. The R+Co. Aircraft Pomade Mousse is a light weight mousse that creates separation and day 2 texture, which is perfect for creating beachy hair.

Voila, you're done!

I will definitely be rocking this look this spring and summer, I hope you will be too.

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