Tough Mudder Tips #1: Clothing

It's less than 30 days away until the Tough Mudder Event in Englishtown, New Jersey. The countdown has begun. If you're wondering what Tough Mudder is, check out this post I did a while back. In short, Tough Mudder is more than just your average run in the sun. It's a full out obstacle course meant to test and challenge you in every way possible. So in an effort to help out some of friends who are participating, I put together some quick tips on what you should wear.

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Check the weather first.

For the upcoming event in New Jersey, it will be late November and by my guess, the temperature should be about mid 40s to 50s at the most. While you can never be certain, prepare for the weather as much as you can.

Good Shoes

Any long distance runner, tri-athlete, or former Tough Mudder can you tell the importance of good shoes. Go to your local sneaker store, preferably one that is knowledgeable about running shoes such as Finish Line, Road Runner Sports Store, etc. and have you're feet checked out. You should choose running sneakers that are fitted to the specific size, arch and other details unique to your feet. Cross Trainers might be a good choice. Your'e going to want to be as comfortable as possible so take care of your feet first. 20% off Running Shoes from

New Balance is my top pick for cross trainers. Whether you're jumping through fire rings or crawling on your belly through mud, I can say honestly say that I trust New Balance to provide me the support, protection, and comfort I need in a cross-trainer. However, I've also heard some good things about Vibram 5 Fingers (Anybody do the event with these?Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of them.)


You never know if it's going to snow, hail or just plain downpour the entire event. Nevertheless, you should prepare yourself to wear the right materials. Since you'll be doing obstacles involving swimming or wading in water, it may be a good idea to wear shorts or very light layers. Don't wear too many layers; it's only going to make you feel colder when you get wet.

According to the Tough Mudder website, they also recommend wearing a hat and a swim cap. Since heat is lost from your head, I agree with them. Basically any light clothes made of quick-drying materials are also a good choice. This includes lycra materials, Under Armour, and spandex. Gloves are also recommended since several obstacles made include ropes or climbing wood structures. Invest in a good pair to protect your hands from rope burn or splinters.

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