October 2013 Julep Maven Review & Free Box Code

I wasn't expecting my Julep box today so I was really surprised to see it sitting on the couch! The husband gets home before me & for some reason he puts all my packages I get in my place on the couch! I went with the full collection this month & added on Casper because it glows in the dark. Doesn't every 40 something year old need glow in the dark nail polish?

Julep is a subscription nail polish & beauty product service that ships monthly on the first of each month. The cost is $19.99 a month plus additional if you upgrade. You can use the codeFREEBOXto get your first box free! You only pay shipping.

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This month's beauty items we're an eyeliner (brown on one end & back on the other) and a mask. The eyeliner came with a sharpener and is supposed to blend easily. The mask is a peel-off mask of gentle kaolin clay and black volcanic ash. It is supposed to be great for your skin.

Of course I couldn't wait to try the mask! When I squirted some out I was surprised it was really thick and looked like black latex! I smoothed a thin layer over my face per the instructions & waited about 20 minutes before peeling it off. While I was waiting I was hoping that the husband did not come home! I looked like the creature from the black lagoon even the dog was looking at me like what the .! It peeled off easily kind of like Elmer's glue after it drys on your skin. Please tell me I'm not the only one that intentionally did that in elementary school! After it was off my skin really did feel soft & smoother. This may be a keeper. I'm not sure that all of the polish colors are "me" but what I decide isn't me is going in my "special stash".

If you are interested in trying Julep out just go to www.julep.com and enter the code FREEBOX.

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