7 Easy Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding Day

Being in the Event industry I have seen about everything there is to see or do at a wedding. When I think back to the best weddings and special events that I have done over the years, the ones that come to mind are the special occasions that incorporated personal touches unique to the individuals holding the event. As summer is a fun wedding season, I thought I would share some easy and inexpensive ways to make your wedding day memorable and unique to you.

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1. Wedding Chalkboard Signs: I absolutely love when couples use chalk boards as decor items to write their favorite quotes or share their love story. This personal touch gives your guests more insight into your relationship and your major life milestones as a couple. You can find some at places like Wedding Sign Chalkboards!

2. Personalized Photo Table Numbers: I think pictures are the best way to add a personal touch to any wedding. Use your table numbers to share photos of trips that you have taken together as a couple or you can use pictures of both of you growing up through the years, they make for great conversation pieces. Create custom wedding table cards at Shutterfly!

3. Signature Cocktails: Share with your guests your 'his and hers' favorite cocktails! Everyone likes to try a new drink so share your drink of choice with your guests!!!

4. Custom Wedding #hashtag: Instagram your wedding through a custom #hashtag so you can see your special day from your guests point of view! The more images, the better!

5. Personalized Dessert: Who says you have to have a wedding cake? Why not incorporate your favorite dessert instead. I have had couples do ice-cream trucks or even caramel apple stations in lieu of a wedding cake. Being creative with your choices may even help cut down on wedding costs.

6. Custom Wedding Guestbooks: Why would you use a boring guest book when you can create a custom wedding guest book that includes your proposal story and your engagement photos! Their home decor section even has custom wall art that can also display fun engagement photos at your wedding venue.

7. Personalize Your Shoes: It's your big day so you probably have on some pretty special shoes. Why not make them extra special by adding a custom decal to the bottom, it's perfect for pictures! Shop shoe decals at Etsy!

I hope these easy wedding ideas inspire you to add a personal touch your special day!

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