DIY Wedding Fashion Thoughts

Many of us would scream in anxiety if we are asked to do our fashion on our own during our wedding. I mean even the thought is pretty scary. But my sister is so confident and carefree that she doesn't mind doing it in a DIY way, even on the day when she is to tie the knot.

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So, it so happened that she did her own hair on her wedding, and to give credit to her, she did a job as fabulous as could have been done by any hair expert! It seems easier said than done! She did a few days of research and introspection on the kind of look she wants and the exact hairstyle she would like to sport on her D-day. But as she later told me, that once your mind is made up, then you should go ahead with the plan instead of backing out for fear of failure.

She quipped that the first thing is to cleanse your hair properly so that all dust and dirt are washed off, the messes are arranged and the hair looks soft and lustrous. Then you need to decide on the kind of style you want to give it. Plaits are still her favorite and so she went ahead with that. It is also more reliable and less risky.

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