Grooming 101: Coconut Oil For Your Beard

I haven't been clean shaven in approximately four years. I haven't had a beard that long, but I've had many types of facial hair, including a chin-strap (don't judge I was young(er)), goatee, short scruffy beard, stubble, and my current, longer, more groomed beard. The hardest part for me has been maintaining the longer hair.

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When you have a day or two worth of stubble, it's easy to keep the skin and hair moisturized and soft, usually with something simple like lotion or a stubble softener (L'Oreal Paris makes a great moisturizer specifically for 3-day stubble). Once my facial hair grows past the 5 or 6 day mark, lotion stops moisturizing the skin and hair, and basically just turns it greasy and flaky.

I've tried a plethora of different products, but none seemed to stop itching AND keep the beard soft AND stop the skin underneath from getting dry and flaky. Then a friend of mine, who is pregnant and has been trying to replace her skin and hair care products with natural and organic versions, suggested coconut oil. I was skeptical at first, even with all of her glorious testimonials about the miracles that it performs, but I decided to give it a try anyways.

I stopped at Safeway and picked up a small tub of organic, extra-virgin coconut oil (found in the Baking aisle), applying it to my beard as soon as I got home.

I'm so happy I did.

The oil is very hard and white at first, but I pressed it between my hands to soften and heat it, and then applied it liberally to to my beard. I rubbed it in like I would any other lotion or gel, as well as to my neck and up into my temples. The oil made my hands greasy, as well as my cheekbones where my hands went off my beard, but a quick wipe is all you need to resolve it.

The itchiness went away immediately. It was amazing actually with most products I find takes a few minutes to even a few hours for the itch to disappear but with the coconut

oil, the itch was gone right way.

Once it was rubbed in fully, I also noticed that my beard was softer. It was greasier, too, but I decided to wait until morning to see what else happened with the oil.

By morning, my beard looked completely different. The itch was still gone, but my beard itself looked fuller, healthier, and shinier. Since I've started using coconut oil, people have even asked me if I dyed my beard because the color was more intense and, again, it looked fuller and more, dare I say, lustrous.

I have used the oil every day since then, and the results have been incredible. I spent $10 dollars on a small tub 2 months ago, and I still have half left. Just a small amount once a day has been all I've needed to maintain it.

Whatever product you currently use on your beard, try coconut oil, even if it's just once. Whether the oil is as good at what you use now, at least you'll be trying something completely natural, organic (if you buy it that way) and non-harmful to the environment. Definitely worth the switch.

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