Tubular Mascara For Lazy Girls

Tubular mascara essentially works by coating lashes with little lash tubes, and then clinging on like a crazed girlfriend, for dear life around the lash. Luckily, unlike crazed girlfriends, at the end of the day you can simply remove it with warm water, and some gentle pressure with either your fingers or a makeup pad.

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Surely this was too good to be true? I reached out to my friendAmandato see if she had any tips or brand preferences and after some research come up with a few choices, including one from Blincbut I utimately decided to giveClinique'sHigh Impact Curling Mascaraa go as it was the easiest for me to source in Australia.

It's been 6 months now and I can honestly say I'll never look back. Not only does this mascara leave a lovely curl, it doesn't clump and lasts ALL DAY . I have long lashes as is, so find it hard to get avoluminousnessmascara thatseparatesmy lashes properly. The brush is also extremely easy to use, and the mascara itself simply washes off in the shower. It can be a little creepy at first and may trick you into thinking your lashes are falling off. So if you're sick of panda eyes and want something that lasts, I'd recommend this any day!

I purchased Clinique'sHigh Impact Curling Mascara fromStrawberry Netfor $25.90 with free delivery. To watch a full application, check out MakeUpKatie's video.

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