Bridal beauty: Korean skin care

Wedding planning stretches well past the ceremony and reception. In addition to checking off the wedding to dos, it's time to get in the best shape in your life. Of course physical fitness is the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, many gyms and boutique fitness classes offer pre-wedding discounts, but it doesn't end there. Brides are focused on their hair, nails, teeth, skin everything to look their best for that very special day.

Thankfully my long engagement means I haven't stressed too much yet, but I'm ready to put some renewed focus into my skin care regime.

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Three years ago I experienced the worst acne of my life. That's when I started using Christie Harris products, and I fell in love. While I still love Christie, my sister's endless travel to South Korea has the women in my family focused on a new trend Korean skin care. Do a quick Google search, and you'll realize this phenomenon's quickly spreading.

I've only tested a few products so far, but I'm working my way to replacing my beauty products one Korean potion at a time (I am on a wedding saving budget after all!).

These are just a few of the products I'm dying for right now. Some I've tried, and others I'm saving up for after rave reviews.

  • InnisFree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask This stuff is magic. I use it once a week, if not twice. It can clear up almost any skin care woe in just hours.
  • InnisFreeGreen Tea Oil Cleanser This is on my need to try list. In fact, it's ordered an en route as I write this. Many Korean women double cleanse. They start with an oil cleanser like this one to dissolve away makeup before moving to a creamier cleanser.
  • Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Serum This is the top of the line brand if you're ready to splurge on the best of the best. This bottle of serum will cost you $100, but it's totally worth it! After two days of using it, the under skin blemishes that call my cheeks home disappeared! Bonus: You can check out Amore Pacific in the U.S. Just look for a counter at Neiman's (and make sure you ask for samples).
  • Skin Food sheet masks These masks are fabulous, and they're finally catching on here. I've tried several brands and loved them all. Most are "essence" masks, which gives you an extra boost of moisture, but you can buy them for nearly any skin care need. I love to use one the night before a big event to make sure I've got my glow on. At only $5 or so a pop, it's like a fast, budget friendly facial.
  • Amore Pacific CC Compact This is on my need to try list. My sister wears this instead of foundation. Not only does it give you a beautiful complexion, it treats your skin while you wear it.

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