Threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating in Persia, and spread throughout the Middle East and Asia.
It is a natural and delicate approach to accurately removing unwanted hair for people with all skin types – especially those with sensitive skin.
It is the secret behind many beautifully arched eyebrows due to the method’s added precision and control while shaping your eyebrows.


Eyebrow Shaping $15.00

Brow Shape and Tint $33.00

Brow and Upper Lip $25.00
Threading is preferred for facial hair removal as it is less harsh and non-evasive for delicate facial areas.


1. Gently wash the treated area with an antibacterial face wash and ensure you apply a light moisturizer to avoid excessive drying. A toner can be an added benefit to reduce the size of pores and help break down any oil or bacteria.

2. Avoid applying makeup immediately after or touching the threaded area as your pores remain open for 2-3 hours after your treatment.

3. 24 hours after threading, it is recommended to AVOID: sun exposure/sun beds, strong soaps and fragrances applied on the area, swimming, spray tanning, steam or laser treatments.


Avoid booking waxing/threading appointments during the time of your menstral cycle as you are a lot more tender and sensitive during this time of the month which will increase your perceived pain.

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